The ALTRES Way to a Great Team Culture

By Kriti Kohli, HR Generalist

Building a rock solid team culture is a key ingredient for organizational success. People issues are highly dynamic in nature and aligning culture across a company can be baffling for managers as well as employees.

ALTRES leaders in Mumbai, Honolulu, and Portland embrace a uniform approach to create a corporate culture that has defined the company for over fifty years. They lead by example, inspiring everyone to believe in and follow the core values of the company. They collaborate with the second-line leadership to further reinforce the values and inspire employees at every level.

Below are the key ways ALTRES has built an apt corporate culture, that is cherished and valued by its diverse and thriving workforce.

Success Stories Are Better Shared

Every team has a story and great teams always share success stories. At ALTRES we make sure that all employees and specifically new hires know how a small company in Honolulu rose to become a global player in a few decades.

“Monthly staff meetings are held to discuss the accomplishments of each department. Everyone looks forward to these meetings because major project completions are always recognized,” says Eric Swinehart, a technical solutions expert with ALTRES for more than 12 years now.

Red Flag: If an employee does not feel great about such stories, they might not be the best fit for your company. An ideal approach is to gauge such factors while the selection process is in progress, in order to avoid disruptions later on.

Success Doubles When Celebrated

The next thing that makes the culture great is celebrating success and achievements. ALTRES does this in its own unique way, by hosting celebrations and recognizing employees’ contributions. That’s not all, parties and office celebrations are a regular affair, on the double.

Eric further states, “It is a regular trend at ALTRES to have company-sponsored parties. For example, when we passed the 10,000th payroll employee mark, everyone came together to celebrate the milestone.”

Building Blocks of Trust

It is better to tell employees what and how they need to improve, rather than getting defensive about shortcomings in team culture. ALTRES does exactly this through the regular interactions and team meetings. Everyone is free to talk to their bosses and with an open door policy, it becomes even simpler. Managers listen to the concerns that the team might have, so as to provide a total solution. It certainly pays off to ask questions and listen to the team before trying to restore what appears broken or irregular.

On the flip side, there will always be outliers that do not feel good about receiving negative feedback. It is best to not waste a lot of time getting them on the same page that you are.

Create Strong Collaboration

With highly effective top managers, it becomes easier to collaborate with the rest of the team. The idea is to have change agents when implementing a new plan, process, etc. ALTRES takes pride in its highly adaptable teams that embrace change and make smooth transitions.

It is appropriate to say that the strongest teams are autonomous in nature. Employees often have questions like, why can’t the workplace be better, or, what could they have done to make a valuable contribution to company goals. At the outset, concerns like these appear to be minor, stemming from the current employees, yet they have roots running deep into various HR issues. When trying to build a uniform culture, collaborating with the team always yields results, whereas forcing ideology might backfire and make things worse.

Leadership by example is the easiest and most effective way to promote a healthy and motivational team culture. Holding on to and nourishing ideals like the ones mentioned above, ALTRES has come a long way to be known as one of the best companies in the field of IT.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to work with an organization that appreciates teamwork, collaboration, and mutual trust, do not hold back and email your updated resume to [email protected].