Why ALTRES India V2

Why ALTRES Technologies Is Right for You

“When we opened our office in Navi Mumbai in 2016, I knew we would be able to offer our employees opportunities you won’t find at a big, impersonal company or at a shaky start-up,” says ALTRES Technologies Director Suvee Kulkarni. “The difference is the culture.”

The thought of working in a big IT company is frustrating in itself. Often the long working hours combined with lack of appreciation make even the best professionals wish they could find a turnaround in life. Many top managers do not realize that not being appreciated makes employees disinterested and demotivated. This can spark off a vicious cycle leading to miscommunication and having varied visions across the company. As if this is not bad enough, annual evaluations unfairly compare colleagues instead of evaluating individual goals.

Employees at ALTRES are treated with respect and are held accountable specifically for their work–for which they get full credit. Most importantly, people at ALTRES are friendly and caring, yet hard-working, innovative and competitive.

As IT professionals, we of course take pride in the fact that human resources technology developed by ALTRES has been highly influential in the U.S. industry. We’re also excited to be strategically positioned to lead and drive HR into the future. ALTRES is thriving with the fine and distinguished talent here in India. This makes the intent of our team to invent, develop and add value to emerging HR technologies very clear.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying for one of our open positions at ALTRES Technologies.

We stand rock solid

ALTRES has been a family-run business for nearly 50 years. The company has more than 200 employees, a whopping 1,200 clients, thousands of worksite employees, and a legacy of award-winning, proven success.

Technology is the name of the game

The largest department within ALTRES is information technology. As specialists in human resources outsourcing, technology is the backbone of everything we do.

Mutual support keeps us sailing

ALTRES employees are more like family, invested in each other’s success with a strong sense of community. Company culture is celebratory and supportive, built on relationships.

We continue to innovate

As employees of ALTRES, we are encouraged to reach higher and have the satisfaction of knowing that our ideas will be heard. Each individual is valued for his or her unique contributions.

The future is here to welcome us

The ALTRES Technologies office in Navi Mumbai is poised to be a key player in the continued development of innovative, technology-based human resources solutions.